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Scholar's Paper Example: Patterson Spring 2003

Rosemarie Patterson

Pleneurethics, a way of life

Heal Yourself

The Brain, Heart, Body and Soul (mind) are unique in every aspect. The four entities bond together to control the human entity called the being. The branches work together as a deeply rooted tree by the riverside. Every part of the body is a branch and every branch is connected to the head. The head cannot survive and function on its own to maintain the life in the body. When one or more members of the body, ceases to function properly then an imbalance occurs. Turmoil is evident, and the imbalance causes the roles of the four major entities to shift.

If the brain slows down or works overtime an imbalance in the whole body occurs. In Pleneurethics, mind and body are not the same but are separated from one another by the brain. The brain, a biological tissue, interrelates both with mind and with body. The brain is a demarcation terminal, a “biological buffer,” a sensitive device for transliterating conditions of body into sensations meaningful to mind, or activities of mind into commands for somatic activity.[1]

The head (brain) is the control center, it sends signals to the body, and it demands the heart to pump. There are six known neurotransmitters: Acetylcholine, serotonin, gaba, dopamine, Norepinephrine, and Endorphins, each having their own distinctive function. Acetylcholine promotes memory, sleep, and helps us get ready to act. Serotonin inhibits behavior, reduces aggression, regulated body temperature, helps recognize pain and helps regulate mood. Gaba helps to decrease anxiety and agitation. Dopamine controls your decision-making, controls fine muscle coordination, integrating thoughts and emotions, and stimulates the thalamus to release hormones that affect the thyroid, adrenal glands and sex hormones. Norepinephrine controls your ability to be alert, stimulates the fight or flight response, helps you to learn new information and helps with memory. Lastly, endorphins change emotional reactions to painful experiences. It is part of the brain’s reward center, part of your drive to eat and promotes growth of the brain’s mechanism for consolidating your memories. Truthfully, the brain produces living cells continually and can short circuit at any time.[2]

The head (brain) is the control center, it sends signals to the body, the leg to move, eye to blink, a muscle to twitch and it also demands the heart to pump.

The heart is the ever beating pulse that pumps water and nourishment (blood) throughout the body. It is the reservoir of life. It supplies vitality to every blood vessel, arteries and cells within the structure of the body.

The body houses the being and keeps everything intact within its boundaries. The brain, in all its glory and all other organs are contained and subjected to the boundaries and limitations within the walls of the body.

The soul is the everlasting spirituality housed within the body. It is fed and nourished by all the teachings learned and passed to you from family, teachers, friends basically from relationships and the absolute power. Spirituality is what we believe about the meaning of life, the existence of ourselves, other and a deity which we will call the absolute.

Man has created many remedies to keep life going, whether it is medications, operations, biopsies, implants, amputations, valves and or replacements. Man can fix it! Or can he? The soul is one entity that can not be manually “fixed”. It survives on relationships. Without relationships in this thing we call the “human being” the soul diminishes and the whole being suffers.

Even in the depth of the mentally challenge, the soul exists. Good, strong, loving relationships send messages to the soul to send impulses to the brain, and then the brain forwards it to the heart and body. When all of this happens, the entities work together as glue and heal the being holistically. But when one or more entities malfunction or an imbalance occurs, this is where the absolute power comes into play.

The absolute power steps in and provides balance to the being when it is in turmoil. The absolute is the supreme, guardian or keeper of the holistic body. This absolute power works as a catalyst which promotes healing among the being.

The absolute works as an attachment or bond and it can be found in the form of relationships. Carl Roger’s theory about relationships between the child and his or her major care takers is the most significant factor in development. He believed that all have the need to be loved.

My belief is that no matter what background, nationality, race, creed, sexual orientation or preference a person holds, he or she at some point in time has the ability to become 100% able to be responsible for his or her actions and also with proper guidance has the ability to achieve that success. I would like to incorporate the mentally challenged in this theory with the assistance of their care providers working together as a team introducing relationships and sociality to achieve the same results.[3]

Social interaction such as conflict, disequilibria and learning should be allowed to promote responsibility, and self-control. Autonomy is also required for self-growth. Basically Society makes us Human. Children do not develop naturally into human adults. Although their bodies grow, if raised in isolation they become little more than big animals. The concept of language must be experienced in order to understand what we know as brothers, sisters, mother, father, friends, teacher, and so on. Without the warm and friendly interaction, children would not be “friendly” in society’s acceptable sense of the term; nor would they cooperate with others. Through human contact people learn to become members of society, culture and members of the human community. Socialization into a group is what makes us human.

A person develops a personality through learned behavior. The behavior can be influenced through family, peer, teachers, professionals and daily contact. If there is no socialization that exists, then the personality is underdeveloped, stunted and retardation becomes quite evident in the being. To develop an acceptable personality, healthy socialization must exist. I believe a person has the ability to change his or her personality by changing their social environment. With the assistance of good counseling techniques and responses, using the behavior modification principles and working through the helping map guidelines, a person will have the tools and opportunity to overcome personality retardation.[4]

According to Piaget, a reference: Wadsworth, B.J. (1996). Piaget’s theory of cognitive behavior and moral reasoning and moral behavior in children. Certain stages of life children learn and grow into responsible adults. Children grow through stages which is a common process as they learn to reason. [5]

If you believe that the brain can survive on its own without the heart, body and soul, then you know something that the rest of us don’t. Each member of the being is very important and each needs to be included in the make up. The human being is a whole and works together as a whole. Man has learned how to make substitutions for a heart, and how to alter the brain and its matter, the soul is being continuously expanded by knowledge and beliefs. Have you heard of the saying that if the “head” is sick, so is the body? If the brain is diseased; then the whole body suffers. It suffers like a person with a mental disease trapped in a hole of bondage.

Richard Collier states that “Pleneurethics endeavors to strengthen the neural system and preserve its integrity by preserving its resources”.[6] If you maintain a healthy brain and its environment without constant anxiety or depression it will enhance the functioning of the whole being. A realistic and simple approach to our mentality is encouraged with periods of rest and meditation to balance the over-stimulation of modern society. [7]

From the information that has received from reading the Pleneurethic research, I believe that the Absolute which is the alpha and the omega cannot be manipulated by man. Man has created medicines that just treat the symptoms and not the disease. Nourish the brain, body, heart and soul by keeping yourself healthy and responsible for your mental welfare and illness will not take root in your life. Get plenty of rest and meditation to heal your own body. Good and healthy relationships with others will help guide you through the process. The supernatural does exist and is within our grasp. We respect the laws of nature, by making the choice of living your life to the fullest by understanding the concepts of Pleneurethics.

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